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For the Parents

Below you will find information on our Arrival Procedures, School Year Calendar, Snack Signups and much more.

Safety First

As always the safety of our students and families is a priority at MSS.  Excessive speed in the parking lot will not be tolerated.  Staff or Board of Directors will issue warnings and removal from the school will be considered if necessary.


Arrival and Dismissal Procedures 

Arrival Procedures
When you arrive at school please pull into the parking lot and loop around to pull up to the front door and wait for a teacher.  Please remain in your vehicle.  A teacher will greet your child in your car and walk them into the school.  If you should arrive late to school, please park and walk your child to the back door of the building.


Dismissal Procedures

         Dismissal will be at 11:30 AM for Toddlers and 11:45 AM and 3:15 PM for Primary students at the front door.  Dismissal procedures will be the same as arrival.  When you arrive at the school, please park your car along the side of the building.  Your child will be walked to your car by a teacher.  Please stay in your vehicle until your child is brought to you.  Please buckle your child into their seat and exit the parking lot to avoid traffic backups.  


Birthday Walks

We LOVE to celebrate your child’s birthday and invite you in for the celebration as well.  Your child’s teacher will set up a time specific time for you to attend.  (Each class is a bit different on times so please see your child’s teacher for more details) We ask that you bring a snack to share with the class.  You should also bring along a timeline of pictures of your child.  This can be as elaborate or simple as you like.  In the past we have had posters, computer slide shows, actual timelines etc.  Please include a picture for each year of your child’s life and any important events, for example, becoming a big brother or a trip to Disney.  We will ask you to tell us a bit about your child at each year of the their life and they will walk around the “Sun” with the “Earth” representing each year they have been alive. This is a special event in the classrooms and the children look forward to their walks each year.  If your child has a summer birthday or an early fall birthday, we can arrange for a birthday walk on their half birthday.


Holidays & Absence


Our school calendar is attached here.  We follow BH-BL for vacations and school holidays.  We have other school specific holidays and special events throughout the year.  


If your child is sick or will be out school, please complete our school attendance form.  It can also be found on our homepage. 


Snack and Laundry Sign Ups

We ask for parents to supply snack and help with laundry a few times a year.  Below are snack sign up for each class and laundry sign up for the school.  You will receive a list of needed items from your child's teacher the week before.  Please purchase items as directed as we have many school allergies and only certain foods are allowed to be consumed in class.  

School Approved Snack List

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