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Applications and Forms

Our Admissions Application and Enrollment Forms can be found below in PDF format. 

Admissions Forms


All forms needed for the admissions/enrollment process may be found on this page in PDF format.

Here is an overview of our annual admissions process.



Print out the application below for admissions and return to school with the application fee.  Checks or cash are accepted.  At this time, we do not accept credit cards.


Complete the forms below once enrolled and return on the first day of school




Anaphylaxis Policy for Child Day Care Programs (Elijah’s Law)

The forms below are required if your child has a known allergy:


Effective June 13, 2019, there is no longer a religious exemption to the requirement that children be vaccinated against measles and other diseases to attend public, private or child care settings.  Your child must be vaccinated with the required vaccinations according to this new law, to attend our program.  For questions or clarification, please visit the NYS Department of Health website. 

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